Embedded in Dublin

Embedded in Dublin

“The final realisations of the passions, everything pursued to the end – of the bottle, the music, the story.” Sean O’Faolain – The Celts Dublin is renowned for a good craic. It’s safe to say the home city of Guinness and the Temple Bar district isn’t short of lively atmosphere. Guinness we all know, of … Continue reading

Flute and Tankard, Cardiff

With all eyes in Cardiff focussed intently on the imminent arrival of BrewDog it seems everyone has overlooked another new pub. The Flute and Tankard quietly opened up three weeks ago on Windsor Place, just off Queen Street (near to Buffalo Bar and opposite the Wetherspoon’s Central Bar), providing another welcome addition to Cardiff’s growing … Continue reading

Veni Vidi Vine

“I came, I saw, I vined” – Julius Caesar. Last week I met my friend’s baby daughter for the first time. She has clear signs of pogonophobia, a powerful lust for fruit and a keen grasp of using smart phones. She isn’t walking or talking yet but she can navigate a smartphone, bring up images … Continue reading

Zerodegrees (Cardiff)

Note: While I’m in Dublin, please excuse the lack of associated photography with this article. I’ll update it with pictures in July. If Saruman came to Cardiff, he’d enjoy a drink at Zerodegrees. The vast metal fermentation vessels stacked to the roof are instantly awe-inspiring from the first step inside. Gleaming, industrial metal pipes and … Continue reading