Northern Lights

Although my blogging is on hold at the moment it would be unjust, nay, some sort of crime not to mention a few of my beery discoveries this past weekend. I say discoveries as if these things were unknown to all before I came along, but it’s safe to say I’m behind the curve. These … Continue reading

Love, life and beer

Beer is a love of my life, but not the love of the life. Above all everything else, even beer, that which I love most is my fiancée. We met nearly ten years ago at university and in a few weeks we will be getting married here in Cardiff. With the day drawing closer, more … Continue reading

Beer: The Basis of Civilisation

“Now in a minute” was a phrase spoken once, just once, by Dean Moore* Declan Moore at the European Beer Bloggers Conference. I warmed to him instantly. Anyone who lives in Wales or has watched Gavin & Stacey may be familiar with this peculiar little Welsh phrase, a cultural paradox that makes Mañana seen positively sensible. It’s … Continue reading

Embedded in Dublin

Embedded in Dublin

“The final realisations of the passions, everything pursued to the end – of the bottle, the music, the story.” Sean O’Faolain – The Celts Dublin is renowned for a good craic. It’s safe to say the home city of Guinness and the Temple Bar district isn’t short of lively atmosphere. Guinness we all know, of … Continue reading